StuartCo MADACS Nominees

The MADACS awards, presented by Minnesota Multi-Housing Association, are among the most coveted multi-family housing awards in Minnesota. StuartCo is nominated for the following awards:

Sandy Kruschek, Gold Crest (Caretaker, Individual, 1-200 units)
Dan Manning & Mark Brixen, The Plaza (Caretaker, Team)
Mike Phillips, Coachman Trails (Maintenance, Individual, 151+ units)
Adnan (Ed) Sacic, Greenfield (Maintenance Supervisor/Lead)
Jeff Kane & Rudy McBrayer, Parkside (Maintenance, Team, 1-300 units)
Robin Fulton, Woodridge (Community Manager, 151-225 units)
Angela Laskowski (Community Manager, 326+ units)
Kim West, Stonehill (Assistant Manager, 1-225 units)
Jill Forrest, Greenfield (Assistant Manager, 226-350 units)
Karina Seppala, Carver Lake (Leasing Consultant, 1-225 units)
Debra Kerr, Heritage Landing (Leasing Consultant, 226-350 units)
Coachman Trails (Team Award)
Woodstone (Best Landscape)
StuartCo Corporate & Property Facebook Campaigns (Social Media/Marketing)
Get to Know StuartCo Newsletter (Outreach Marketing Piece)
StuartCo’s Charitable Outreach (Community Service Program/PR)
The Plaza (Property Excellence, 25-150 units, Built Prior to 1991)
Stonehill (Property Excellence, 151+ units, Built Prior to 1991)
Riverview at Upper Landing (Property Excellence, 151+ units, Built After 1991)

Over the past fifteen years, StuartCo has been awarded 60 MADACS Awards.
We wish all of our nominees the best of luck!

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