July 2011 Bellringer: Darren Jakel

So how do you save costs at the same time you save the planet?
You solicit the skills of Darren Jakel. 

Over the years Darren’s efforts have saved our properties tens of thousands of dollars. He’s been proactive in finding and then applying for numerous rebates on products and services. We have received rebates for purchasing high efficiency refrigerators, windows, and boilers, CO detectors, and for completing certain preventative maintenance measures on our boilers. CEO and president Lis Moe states that vendors not only don’t shy away from working with Darren, but instead he’s often their ‘go to’ guy.  “In fact, Darren is everyone’s ‘go to’ guy – for everything from maintenance advice at all of our sites to joke telling and just great conversation.  Darren is a great guy to have in a leadership role; he is hard working, thoughtful, and very much respected by every employee at StuartCo. Not to mention he has a great sense of humor, which you need in this industry.”

-A recent article in the Quarter Reporter, July 2011

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