May Employee of the Month

The May employee of the month is Mike Boie! Here’s a great story about how Mike goes above & beyond the call of duty (and his “normal” work hours!)

At the Alton, which is a memory care facility providing 24/7 care to its residents, we rely heavily on technology to assist us with caring for some of the most vulnerable residents at any StuartCo property. Without outstanding technical support we could not provide the excellent, compassionate care our residents deserve. Mike makes himself available to us to resolve issues at any time; if an issue has come up on weekends he has called me back immediately, and he’s always prompt about trouble shooting any problems we have.

Here’s just one example of what he does to support us: At 4:50 p.m. on Friday, May 13th (yes, Friday the 13th!) we discovered that we lost our internet connection. If we don’t have internet, Residex can’t send the tasks to the personal digital assistants (PDAs) our home health aides carry, and they can’t chart cares on their PDAs. So a down internet is not an option. Because I couldn’t send a help ticket, I called the corporate office and asked for Mike or Travis; I was told they both had just left for the weekend. I called Mike’s cell phone and left a message; he called me back immediately. Mike tried to talk me through doing a re-power to the Qwest modem, but that did not reset things. With that Mike said he was on the way. Once he arrived, Mike tried a few things that didn’t work and got on the phone with Qwest. As he was working on the issue, he received a call from his wife, who wanted to know if Mike was going to meet her by 6 p.m. at a banquet they were both to attend. Mike replied that he would meet her there as soon as he could. After he got off the phone, Mike told us his wife would be receiving an award that evening and that it was a surprise. Unfortunately, the reset of the systems to get everything back up & running and the check to make sure all systems were communicating with each other was not complete until just after 6:30 p.m. Mike had missed the time he was to arrive at the banquet to join in on the surprise award presentation to his wife.

This is the level of service Mike gives to us each and every time we have technical issues. We could not care for our vulnerable residents without this level of support. Thank you, Mike!

Nomination Submitted by Julie Endres-Spray, Director of Shepard Park Home Care

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