July Employee of the Month

Congratulations Sandra Abrams, Jim Gleason, Tsegay Yigebewal, and Chris Nelson!

I would like to nominate several employees for Employee of the Month due to how they responded to an emergency at Maryland Park Apartments on Saturday, July 16th after the area received four inches of rain. Due to the enormous amount of rain the St. Paul area received in such a short time, the entire east parking lot at Maryland Park was flooded, with over three of water in spots, and with the water level this high it flowed into eight apartments and one common area hallway. Maryland Park property manager Sandra Abrams was called out to the property at about 8:00 am and immediately put into action a plan to minimize the damage to the property and her residents’ personal belongings. Sandra enlisted the help of roving technician Jim Gleason, Tsegay Yigebewal from Woodridge’s maintenance team, and Chris Nelson from Maryland Park’s maintenance team, and together they all did their part and then some, helping residents move furniture and personal belongings out of water’s reach. They also spent the day ripping up carpet and padding to speed up the process of drying things out and to assist the company that was summoned to extract the water from the apartment units. Having our employees do this prep work saved the property a lot of extra costs. With the combined efforts of all involved, the team that was assembled for this emergency had a large impact in minimizing the damage and expenses incurred from this incident. Also due to their quick response and teamwork they were able to minimize the impact on the residents in the eight units affected. So far their efforts described above I believe Sandra, Jim, Tsegay, and Chris deserve to share in being Employees of the month.

-Dave Beddoe, portfolio director

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