A Note from The Alton Memory Care

This is a note by Cindy Leach, housing manager at The Alton, about her very appreciated housekeeper the she nominated for Employee of the Month.

Brandy has been here since the building opened three years ago and is knowledgeable about every aspect of the building. In addition, she has a great work ethic and very high standards. Brandy consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that she is doing what is best for our residents and to keep the building in top-notch condition. She checks every item of each resident’s laundry to treat for spots, and makes sure there are no “foreign objects” getting washed. She knows just how each resident likes their laundry returned to them. In addition, Brandy stays on top of building maintenance issues, keeps the common areas clean, and is always willing to help out to assist with a quick move-in or special event taking place. She brings things that could turn into large problems to my attention. Over the past couple of months she has once again gone beyond her normal job duties by coming in on a Friday evening to help with a major incident at Rockwood Place and then by helping The Wellington for three weeks while their laundry person was on vacation. Mind you, this is in addition to the 20+ loads of daily laundry she does here! The most important reason for nominating Brandy for Employee of the Month,though, is the individual time, attention, and love she gives to every resident here, no matter how busy her schedule is.

Thanks for all that you do, Brandy!

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