Congratulations MADACS Nominees, (and again, we’re rolling a few nominees into one)!

Tonight’s the big event, so we’ll begin with Adnan (fondly known as Ed!) Sacic, nominee in the Maint. Lead category: Ed says,”I have a strong work ethic & I care about my residents’ comfort in their homes. I enjoy what I do & am honest and helpful. I support my co-workers at Greenfield & encourage them to have the same high level of appreciation for their job as do I.” That’s our Ed – to the point & on point! Good luck to Ed!

Another MADACS highlight… Our StuartCo social media efforts. Yes, the page is nominated for an award along with our interaction with our property pages as well. If you’re watching our page, give us a little cheer…and check it out at

After being nominated in the Assistant Manager category, Jill Forrest was promoted into a Property Manager role. That’s says a lot about Jill, as does this: “My experiences at Greenfield have helped me develop exceptional resident retention abilities, community event planning know-how, & budgeting skills. I provide leasing training and prepare the weekly rental reports. I look forward to further developing my management skills .” Guess she was right.

Shout outs to Stonehill nominees Kim West & the property. Kim’s an Assistant Manager whose goal is to “connect with my residents to ensure their satisfaction whether by simply knowing their name or by thoughtfully listening to their concerns.” The property excels by focusing on the big picture while making sure little things aren’t forgotten. The team knows their property exceptionally well & they strive to make residents as happy & satisfied as possible. Good luck, Stonehill nominees!

Property Manager Robin Fulton was nominated because she achieves success by being an effective communicator and a creative problem solver. Robin has high levels of enthusiasm, commitment and drive. Her personal brand is integrity, honesty and hard work. We honesty & enthusiastically hope she achieves success as a winner tonight!

Last but not least, we nominated our Woodstone Apartments in the Best Landscape category because . . . well, a picture says it all!



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