It’s Fundraising Time at StuartCo this Week!

As we said in an earlier post, September 19th-September 25th is fundraising week! And boy do we love it.

At the corporate office, we are enjoying Trouse for House, we’re able to pay $5 per day for the privilege of wearing casual trousers (jeans!) to work. We’re also enjoying Salad for Support, a  $5 donation for a Salad Bar Luncheon on Wednesday. How fun, right? And Friday it’s Apparel for Advocate, this is the day we can wear our favorite sports team’s  apparel to work. We have quite the border battle in the office, but we’re not sure if there are more Vikings Fans of Packer Fans. So stay tuned for pictures…

We have quite the creative bunch amongst the staff at the communities as well. Here’s what was going on yesterday and today. We’ll also post the events going on throughout the entire week. So again, stay tuned.

Monday, September 19th

Hopkins Plaza enjoyed an ice cream social.

The Plaza treated their residents to Breakfast on the Go!

Tuesday, September 20th

Heritage Landing organized Breakfast on the Go this morning.

Southwest Gables  is putting on a luncheon for their residents today! (located in Omaha, NE, they’re collecting money for a local organization, Project Harmony)

And many communities have activities happening all week, here’s what’s going on!

Stonehill– Carpet Cleaning for $25, Raffle at BBQ

Hopkins Plaza– Candy Bar Sales

Gold Crest– Guess Candy in a Jar, $1 per Guess

Heritage Landing– Various Raffles

Deer RidgeRaspberry Woods– Fall Flower Sale

The Plaza– Car Wash for $10, Raffle for Donated Items, Silent Auction

Woodstone– Pet Walking for $5 Donation

The Wellington– Raffle Tickets $.50 each or 3/$1, Room Bingo for $1/each, Candy Grams $1/each

Highland Ridge– Selling Dunn Bros Coffee and Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Westchester Village– Guess of Number of Lifesavers in Jar, $1 per Chance

Riverview at Upper Landing– Selling Candy at Front Desk, Garage Sale/Silent Auction, Raffle, Donation Jars

More information about Simpson Housing Services.

2 thoughts on “It’s Fundraising Time at StuartCo this Week!

  1. Love reading about all of the events! Here at York Plaza, we’re hosting Bingo Night tonight! $5/bingo card with all proceeds donated to Simpson Housing Services!

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