A Few More Activities From Fundraising Week

We’re still busy, busy at our communities at the end of this week as we’re wrapping up our activities, but now we’re on to counting the donations. The fun part! But we still want to share with you some of the fun events that have gone on in the past couple of days as well as what’s going on the remainder of the week. Here’s the awesome laundry list:

Lamplighter Village offered a nummy combo of pizza and pop and suggested a donation in return.

Heritage Landing partnered with Toast Wine Bar, 10% of proceeds were donated on Wednesday night. Last night residents enjoyed a beautiful night on the rooftop deck for happy hour. On Sunday residents can devour homemade chili during the Vikings game. Delicious!

Greenfield organized a poker tournament Wednesday and a kids choice movie night last night to round off the beginning of the week. And today they treated their residents to breakfast on the go. And on Sunday they’re hosting an NFL Pick ‘Em with the entry fee being donated, of course.

Eagle Creek has hosted a bingo night and a kids movie night at the beginning of the week. And Sunday they’re providing a delicious taco bar party. Mmmm!

We wish we could personally thank every one of you for donating to Simpson Housing Services, but well that just may be a little difficult, so we’ll give you a grand ‘ole shout out here. We truly thank you for every penny that you contributed because you will definitely make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness. Again, thank you for participating in our annual StuartCo Fundraising Week!

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