The Results from Fundraising Week are in!


The Third Annual StuartCo Fundraising Competition was a success! Among all of the properties that participated a total of $6,906.04 was raised for Simpson Housing (of that total, Southwest Gables will donate their $110 profit to Project Harmony, a local charity). With StuartCo’s matching contribution added, a total donation of $13,812.08 will be made. Thank you to all participating teams for doing a great job!

Congratulations to The Plaza for being the top fundraising team two years in a row!

Coachman Trails. . . Bake Sale $255.00
Stonehill. . . Carpet Cleaning, BBQ and Raffle $740.00
York Plaza. . . Bingo Night and Raffle $355.00
Lamplighter Village. . . Pizza and Pop Sales $31.50
Woodridge. . .  Loose change for charity, Raffle for homemade dinner $80.00
Hopkins Plaza. . .  Ice Cream Social, Candy Bar Sales $100.11
Gold Crest. . . Candy Jar Guess $8.00
Heritage Landing. . . Breakfast on the Go, Rooftop Deck Happy Hour; 10% proceeds from Toast Wine Bar; Vikings Game & Raffles $885.00
Carver Lake. . . Carnival Games during NNO $48.75
Deer Ridge/Raspberry Woods . . .  Fall Flower Sale $152.93
Greenfield . . .  Poker Tournament, Kids Choice Movie Night, Breakfast on the Go, NFL Pick ‘Em $580.00
Plaza. . .  Breakfast on the Go, Car Wash, Raffle, Miscellaneous Donations $900.00
Woodstone. . . Most Beloved Pet Picture Contest, Pet Walking for Donation, 50/50 Drawing $398.00
Wellington. . . Raffle Tickets, Bingo, Candy Grams, Nacho Stand, Bake Sale,  Staff Casual Day, Chili Cook Off $503.00
Highland Ridge. . .  Selling Dunn Bros Coffee and Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies, Pampered Chef Party Proceeds $477.73
Eagle Creek. . . Bingo Night, Kids Movie Night, Vikings Game Taco Bar $301.00
Century North . . . Curiosity Cost You a Buck, Donut & Milk/Juice for a Buck $1.00
Westchester Village. . .  Guess # of Lifesavers in Jar $7.00
Riverview at Upper Landing. . .Candy Sales, Garage Sale/Silent Auction, Raffle, Donation Jars $389.02
Southwest Gables. . . Luncheon, Movie Day with Popcorn, Bingo $110.00
Corporate Office. . .  Trouse for House, Salad for Support, Apparel (team wear) for Advocates, Squash Sales, Wild Tickets Raffle, Carpet Cleaning Raffle $418.00
Maintenance Team Outing . . .Biggest Catch, Fish for Sale $165.00

Many thanks to all those that participated, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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