Congratulations to The New Leasing Class Graduates

This week we finished up our leasing class, it was quite the group due to our 16 or so transfers this Summer. But don’t take our word for it, check out the movers and shakers throughout StuartCo in this post.

But back to our congratulatory message, we’re thrilled for the 12 leasing agents that completed training. We know you will represent StuartCo well. Here’s a small detail about these classes, at the end of the second class, each person will share three goals. These three goals could be personally or professionally, but in particular we’d like to share with you a common theme of these goals. A majority of the leasing agents communicated that they would like to know every resident by name and be able to recognize them when they come into the office and see them throughout the community. It’s quite a goal for some of our larger communities by the numbers, which is why we just had to share this aspect of the class with you. It is a such a sincere goal that does not go unnoticed. Personal touch is a part of our nine block logo, and remembering each resident’s name is a great example of the StuartCo way.

Many thanks to you new leasing class, we enjoyed learning together with you!

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