Celebrating Energy Awareness Month!

In celebration of wrapping up October, which was Energy Awareness Month, we’ll share a few tips from our Executive Director of Building Operations, Darren. He’s also our chief of rebates and all things regarding energy efficiency.

Here’s a few details he shared to help us understand how StuartCo focuses on energy awareness every day and all year long too. Our maintenance staff at each community makes sure to clean, analyze and tune up our heating equipment annually and monitor it daily.  Our air conditioning equipment is cleaned yearly at ground level condensing equipment and at least biannually on all the other units.

Again, we focus on clean equipment which is more efficient and in turn will keep the equipment lasting longer.  We do not pay for our resident’s individual electrical usage in most cases but when we keep the equipment cleaner, it saves them on their personal electric bill and also prolongs the life of our equipment.

We check and maintain our door seals, sweeps, vent dampers, and controls to adjust our systems automatically to ensure efficient heating and cooling systems. We make sure all our windows are closed in heating season and lights are on only as needed. We keep our heated plumbing lines insulated.  We make sure that we have properly ventilated attics with adequate insulation, this all helps in maintaining an efficient building envelope.

Preventative maintenance on our equipment has not only saved us on utility costs, but our equipment is more dependable than ever before.  We offer 24 hour emergency service to all our residents.  This not only helps ensure their comfort but the integrity of our equipment.

It’s a short and sweet message, but it’s quite the job for our maintenance teams who are constantly working to help our equipment run better and last longer every day. We’re so thankful for you all, you do an amazing job!

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