September Employee of the Month

Congratulations Felicia!

Mr. Nolan, Ms. Moe, Mr. Beddoe, and Ms. Neameyer:

My name is (removed). I am a resident at the Hopkins Plaza Apartments run by your company. I want to take a moment of your time to tell you about one of your wonderful employees. Felicia Jamerson is one of the property managers for Hopkins Plaza. She showed us a tour of our apartment when we decided to rent from you and she has been the primary point of contact when we have had questions or needs related to our apartment. We get results when we talk to Felicia and conversations with her are both friendly and professional.

Felicia recognizes my wife and I by sight and greets us by name. I am very impressed by that, especially since we have only lived here a year. I also appreciate how Ms. Jamerson handled a situation that happened yesterday.

I had received a very large package containing a new computer. I did not know it was going to be as large as it was. Because I am a teacher and it is the first week of school, I could not get home until 4:59, a minute before the office closed. When I picked up my package, Felicia was kind, polite, courteous and patient. She was also a tremendous help. I really had trouble getting my computer (which, as I mentioned before, camein a HUGE box) from the office to my apartment. It turned out to be so big that it was very difficult to get into a car. She spent 20 minutes after the office closed on a Friday afternoon helping me figure out how to get my new computer from the building the office is in to my apartment, which is in a different building.

I know how excited I am to start my weekend on Friday evenings, and I can only imagine that Felicia feels the same way. The fact that she handled this situation with grace, flexibility, patience, and a great sense of humor made me feel like my wife and I had made a very good choice to rent a StuartCo apartment. Felicia is a positive asset to your organization. If none of you are her direct supervisors, please make sure that her supervisors see this email. It is my hope that this message is taken into account when Ms. Jamerson is up for a performance review or should she apply for a position of advancement within your company. She is a fabulous employee and the sort of person that makes me want to continue living in your properties. Please take some time to congratulate her on her exemplary performance.
—(resident’s info removed for privacy)

Congratulations again Felicia, and thank you for all that you do!

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