‘Tis the Season of Giving

During this Holiday Season, we’d like to share with you a few ideas how you can give of your time. There are lots of organizations that rely on volunteers and donations this time of year. We recommend Simpson Housing Services. Simpson Housing Services works to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

We’d like to share Simpson’s list of 11 Ways to Make a Difference.

  1. Volunteer and partner with Simpson Housing Services
  2. Provide a meal at the shelter. You’re giving a lot more than meat and potatoes. You’re creating community for people who may feel alone and disconnected in the world.
  3. Make the season bright. Adopt a family or single adult during the holiday season. We will provide you with gift lists. Chances are, you’ll feel like you’ve been given the gift.
  4. Give us underwear and socks. We are always in need of everyday items like new socks and underwear, travel-sized toiletries, cereal, cleaning supplies (there is no shortage of ideas).
  5. Don’t look away. If you notice someone who appears to be in need of a smile, give them on. If you are unable to give some money, give them some good will.
  6. Make it a late night. Volunteering overnight in the shelter is one of our most impactful opportunities-for you and the shelter guests. Be the highlight of someone’s day.
  7. Read to a child. Education breaks the cycle of homelessness in families. Simpson tutors help children in the program succeed in school. There are opportunities for fun and games, too.
  8. Speak your mind. Contact your legislator. Let them know that you feel strongly that they do not cut services to people experiencing homelessness. We have more ideas on how you can run your own advocacy and awareness event.
  9. Be Mr. Clean. Create a “Welcome Home” basket for a family or single adult moving into their own apartment. We’ll provide a complete list of supply ideas.
  10. Whole-wheat bread and swiss cheese. What do you think make the perfect sandwich? No doubt, someone else will agree. Make sandwiches for our shelter guests to take for lunch.
  11. Talk to people about homelessness. Brainstorm ways to help out. Join forces in your church, school, community, or neighborhood. Alone you can make a big difference. Together, we can make lasting change.

Don’t forget! You can donate to the Holiday Food Basket Collection located in each property office or the corporate office for Simpson Housing as well.

Agreed, together we can make a lasting change! Volunteer at any organization and share with us your experience. We’d love to hear from you.

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