Giving Comes Full Circle at StuartCo



This is a note that was shared through the corporate office after our CFO had a brief chat with Julie, the Executive Director of Simpson Housing Services.

A resident of a StuartCo community who participated in our recent fundraiser for Simpson Housing Services left Julie, the Executive Director, a message noting that several years ago she was in a tough financial situation and utilized the services of Simpson Housing Services for a period of time.  With their help she was able to get back on her feet.  She’s now been living at a StuartCo managed property for the past four years and has been employed for five years.  She was grateful to Simpson Housing Services for helping her out in the past and equally grateful for the opportunity to give back through the StuartCo fundraiser for Simpson Housing Services.

We’re very thankful for the opportunity to give back and we are equally excited to hear stories such as this one. Happy Holidays!

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