StuartCo Annual Holiday Party (and Awards)

Here it is, the Annual StuartCo Holiday Party Award Recipient list. We hope that all those in attendance enjoyed the night. And we also hope that you enjoy reading through the list. Congratulations to the very deserving recipients!

2011 Treating Your Customers Like Gold Employee of the Month Winners:

Selected from the year’s twelve Employee of the Month recipients as the very best example of treating our customers like gold. The winner of this award truly excels in customer service.

January – Pete Rosen

February – Richard Flemmons

March – Dale Bauer

April – Juliette Ward

June – Gabriela Salas

July – Sandra Abrams, Cynthia Davis, Jim Gleason, Tsegay Yigebewal, & Chris Nelson

August – Jeff Robertson, Dawn Black, & Jack DeLeon

September – Felicia Jamerson

October – Andrea Adelmann

November – Cynthia Mansaray

December – Dean Paulson

Treating Your Customers Like Gold Employee of the Year – Richard Flemmons, Shepard Park Neighborhood bus driver

Extra Mile Award – Marketing Department

The individual who receives this award goes above & beyond for fellow team members, clients, and/or residents. He/she also possesses a “can do” attitude.

“Charity Cup” Traveling Trophy Award – The Plaza

This award recognizes the site that raised the most funds for Sharing and Caring Hands during the competition week. It is a “traveling trophy” and will be passed on to the next winner in 2012!

Team Award – Parkside at Medicine Lake

The dictionary definition of the word team is “A group organized to work together.” The Team Award is given to the group that best exemplifies the word’s definition by not only their ability to work together, but to do it in a way that is highly beneficial to the property(ies) they serve. The focus is on collective results, not individual achievements.

Outstanding Assistant Manager Award – Kim West, Stonehill

This award recognizes the individual who is truly the Property Manager’s “right hand.” This person is someone who provides exceptional back-up to the Property Manager when he/she is present, and is also prepared to step up to the plate and assume all necessary responsibilities in the Manager’s absence.

Excellence in Leasing Awards – Todd Brown, Riverview at Upper Landing, and Sue Henk, Coachman Trails

Recognition is given to the individual who provides exceptional customer service to both potential & current residents. This person focuses upon the needs and desires of the potential resident while securing a sound financial commitment for the investors.

Excellence in Marketing Award – Kelly Harnitz, Woodstone

The individual or team who receives this award shows a constant dedication to marketing their property and the StuartCo lifestyle goals by utilizing the online tools and resources, maintaining a variety of resident events, and consistently attending training opportunities.

Excellence in Building Operations Award – Joe Hargens, Southwest Gables

The individual who receives this award displays a positive customer service attitude, continuous skills development, the ability to maximize time and equipment efficiencies, a team player spirit, and a 24-hour service approach.

Excellence in Small Site Operation Award– Sheryl Neil

The individual who receives this award is someone who is able to juggle the many responsibilities of a small site manager – administrative, caretaking, leasing, maintenance, resident relations, and more – without ever dropping a ball.

Excellence in Health Care Awards– Sue JohnsonPrincess Byrd

The challenges facing the Shepard Park Home Care team are many, given that they provide around-the-clock care and comfort to hundreds of residents with varying levels of health care needs. The SPHC employee who receives this award is someone who’s a true team player, always helping both co-workers and The Wellington and Alton staff members. He/she is also dependable; has excellent job skills & knowledge; is caring & compassionate with residents; is courteous with residents, their family members, and co-workers; and is always willing to help anyone in any way.

Excellence in Caretaking Award  Mark Brixen & Dan Manning, The Plaza

Recognition is given to the individual or team who treats the property as if it was their own home and takes pride in a job well done. The recipient also displays a high level of customer service to residents and fellow team members.

Excellence in Accounting Award – Andrea Adelmann, Riverview at Upper Landing

The attributes of the individual receiving this honor include a “can do” attitude, a desire to be highly accurate, a constant development of accounting skills and knowledge, and a team player spirit.

Excellence in Management Award – Robin Fulton, Highland Ridge

Recognition is given to the individual who oversees a site that consistently exceeds expectations in occupancy, resident satisfaction & retention, and NOI, and who builds a strong, supportive team of talented employees.

Most Improved Property, Affordable Housing – Westchester Village

Most Improved Property, Market Rate – Heritage Landing

The winners of these two awards are determined by comparing the current year’s performance to that of previous years’. Factors taken into consideration are stable operations, improved NOI, increasing rental rates, forward strides in resident satisfaction, and improved curb appeal.

Property of the Year, Affordable Housing – Rockwood Place

Property of the Year, Market Rate Riverview at Upper Landing

A variety of factors are taken into account to determine which properties are bestowed this honor. Properties under consideration must have an outstanding NOI, high occupancy and resident retention/satisfaction rates, minimal budget variances, few emergency or “surprise” expenses, an impressive curb appeal, and minimal staff turnover. Those factors, and others, are used to determine which properties are the year’s “best of the best”!

2011 President’s Award – Ranell Grosskreutz

The plaque itself states the essence of this award quite simply: “For your spirit of teamwork and appreciation of fellow employees.” Over the years this honor has been given, its recipients have displayed not only a spirit of teamwork and appreciation, but also a neverending positive attitude, a “go the extra mile” approach, a desire to find ways to improve what we do, a willingness to share his/her talents and be a resource, and a constant strive for success.

Previous President’s Award Recipients Allen Forrest (1994), Lisa Moe (1996), Shirley Grewe (1998), Sandy Garbrecht (1999), Ann Lewis (2001 and 2003), the NorthPointe-Brown Deer Team (2002), Jodi Grendahl (2004), Deb Stachowski (2005), Joe Videle (2006), Darren Jakel (2007), Dan Wolfe (2008), Marvel Thorne (2009), Barry & Maryann Stern (2010)

Five+ Year Employees

We have 91 individuals who have been with us for five or more years!

Five Year Awards

Glenda Apman, Century North

Stacey Miller, Lamplighter Villlage

Bob Healey, The Wellington

Mike Miller, Caver Lake

Ranell Grosskreutz, Parkside at Medicine Lake

Talesha Sandiford, Hopkins Plaza

Fred Tanks, Riverview at Upper Landing

Shavon McKinney, Rockwood Place

Angela Laskowski, Riverview at Upper Landing

Lisa Tollefson, Corporate Office

Wayne Clausen, Century North

John Stielow, Coachman Trails

Ten or more Year Employees (37 of them!) Stu Nolan (41 yrs.); Marguerite Harvieux, (24 yrs.); Sandy Kruschek and Sandy Garbrecht (23 yrs.); Allen Forrest and Ann Lewis (both 22 yrs.); Shirley Grewe (20 yrs.); Steve Decheine,  and Lisa Moe (both 17 yrs.);Annette Leibel, Barry & Maryann Stern (all 16 yrs.); Sandra Abrams, Margaret Wajda, and Bob Bloomberg (all 15 yrs.); Courtney Dunlay and Tracy Sauer (both 14 yrs.); Mike Bergeron and Jenny Noll (both 13 yrs.); Adys Davila, Dawn Black, Jodi Grendahl, Kim McIntosh, and Joe Videle (all 12 yrs.); and Margie Wright, Jennifer Davis, Sue Zollman, Carolyn Roach-Ezeagwu, Mary DeWanz, Kay Distad, Pat Baribeau, Nancy Luger, Robin Neuenfeldt, Darren Jakel, Jeannie Walker, Dan Wolfe, and Theresa Gran (all 11 years)

Ten Year Awards

Gloria Swelander, The Wellington

Lisa Komarek, Century North

Deb Stachowski, Corporate Office

LaNette Coffelt, Southwest Gables

Paula Herbert, Shepard Park Home Care

15 Year Awards

Sandra Abrams, Maryland Park

Margaret Wajda, The Wellington

Bob Bloomberg, Corporate Office

20 Year Award

Shirley Grewe, Westchester Village

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