Elder Care Over the Holiday Season

We hope you enjoy this guest post by Emily S. MSW, Marketing Coordinator at The Wellington.

The holiday season is a great time to celebrate with family and friends, but it is also a vital time to help watch for safety risk factors that aging parents and grandparents might be displaying in their home. If you are visiting an aging loved one over the holidays there are a few warning signs to watch for. The following warning signs may suggest that your loved one may need more help to stay safe in their home or a more supportive living environment, such as a senior community.

Because being independent is so important to aging adults, all of these sensitive issues should be discussed with respect  in keeping the autonomy, safety, and the desires of the aging adult in mind. It’s a good idea to discuss health and safety concerns of your loved one with their physician.

Examples of Common Warning Signs to Watch For

  • Conditions of the home
    • Are there piles of dirty laundry or dishes?
    • Are there unsanitary conditions?
    • Are items in places they do not belong ( i.e. socks in the fridge)?
    • How is general maintenance and condition of the home?
  • Changes in Behavior and Activities of Daily Living
    • Are there obvious changes in your loved one’s mood?
    • Has your loved one become socially isolated?
    • Is your loved one displaying unusually poor grooming habits?
    • Does your loved one have difficulty remembering important details of events, conversations, or daily routines?
    • Does your loved one have poor eating habits or significant weight loss or gain?
    • Has your loved one been displaying hoarding behaviors?
    • Does your loved one forget to take important medications?
    • Has driving become increasingly difficult for your loved ones?

Basic Resources for Caregivers and Aging Adults

Thankfully, there are many community resources available for caregivers and aging adults!

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