Winter Slip and Fall Prevention

Many around the Twin Cities metro experienced the snowfall this New Year’s Eve, so we thought it would be appropriate to share a few tips on how to prevent slips and falls this Winter.

Here’s what StuartCo does each time we experience a snow fall. Every community has a snow removal protocol that is of course unique to the surroundings and building, we proactively maintain equipment and supplies to ensure our residents and all those entering our communities have a safe experience. We also salt or sand paths as soon as we can after a storm occurs. We work to keep the floors inside of the community as dry as possible too.

But here are a few tips that will help prevent winter accidents.

Dress appropriately. Rubber or neoprene soles provide more traction than leather or plastic. Smooth-soled “comfort” shoes should be avoided in snowy or icy conditions. And bundling up minimizes the tendency to either hurry or tense the muscles – both of which can lead to a stumble.

Determine routes in advance. Careful planning and avoiding shortcuts make it easier to stay on clear and level paths, reducing slip and fall dangers.

Focus and slow down. Be aware of possibly slipper patches and deep snow on the path, and walk around rather than through hazardous areas.

Recognize high-risk situations. Exercise particular caution when maneuvering into and out of cars or vans, climbing outdoor steps and walking after dark, when black ice can be present.

Wipe shoes or boots upon entry. Wet soles cause many indoor accidents. Minimize the risk by using floor mats and/or scrapers.

Be safe this winter!

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