Exemplary Service at Stonehill

Shohreh started working with us at Stonehill in November, and due to a staffing shortage she was thrown into caretaking for an entire building within one week of her start date, not to mention she was placed on-call for weeks without any objection. Shohreh hasn’t blinked an eye at her doubled job duties. In her first months she has gone above and beyond for our team and residents!

One example of her exemplary service was on New Year’s Eve. Shohreh was all dressed up for a family get-together and was about to to go to the airport to pick up a family member when suddenly an emergency maintenance call came in. One of our apartments was flooding! Shohreh immediately arranged for someone else in her family to go to the airport, and then she quickly changed out of her nice clothes, called on-call maintenance, and went to help with the situation. Shohreh was in the flooded apartment for over two hours; she helped the resident clean up the mess and stayed with maintenance tech Mike Philips, who was also on-call, to help locate maintenance supplies and to help him remove and clean out the clogged pipes. I’ve received plenty of praise from Mike regarding Shohreh’s willingness to help and positive attitude. I am certain this will be only one of many stories to come about Shohreh exceeding resident and co-worker expectations!

—Michelle Kipp, CRM, property manager

Thanks for sharing Michelle, and many thanks to Shohreh for all that you do!

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