Outstanding Work From Our Shepard Park Home Care Team Member

I would like to acknowledge Fatuma for all of her outstanding work as an aide at Shepherd Park Home Care. Fatuma has worked here just over two years. She makes sure that everyone at The Wellington is taken care of very well. She has a humble manner and will reassure our residents if they are feeling insecure. She will make kind suggestions if a resident is being unreasonable or needs redirection. She will alert our Nursing staff about any important issues that need to be addressed.

Fatuma is currently going to school to be a Nurse and has a very busy schedule. Fatuma is also busy raising two small children. She will work or fill in when needed and is cooperative and a flexible team worker. She can speak multiple languages, which is sometimes helpful to us.

I always enjoy being at work when I see Fatuma’s smiling face and I know the residents are going to get good care and it will be a good day.

We are glad you are here Fatuma!
–Kay Distad LPN

Thanks for sharing Kay, and thank you Fatuma for your great work!

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