Events Happening This Week At Our Senior Campus!

Upcoming Events at The Alton

Is it Depression or is it Early Alzheimer’s Disease? 

Presented by: William B. Orr, PhD, MD

Join us Wednesday, April 18th from 6-7 pm

“Differentiating Early Dementia from Depression in the Elderly”

Telling the difference between depression and early memory problems can be very difficult.  Dr. Orr will present ways in which doctors and other professionals try to tell the difference between these two conditions and how to treat them. Refreshments will be served.

Guess Who’s Here?

Join us Thursday, April 19th from 3-5pm

For a wine and chocolate reception to welcome Mike Lorenz, to The Alton as our new Housing Manager. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in dementia care to The Alton along with his own brand of fun.

RSVP’s to Mary are appreciated
651-695-2384 or
1306 Alton Street, St. Paul, MN 55116

Upcoming Events at The Wellington 

Spiritual Care and You 

Join us Thursday April 26th from 3-4pm

Location: Large Activity Room at The Wellington

Give yourself an hour to creatively explore the journey of your soul. How do we honor this journey and continue to live on living, laughing, loving and believing?

Presenter: Susan K Adam, Director of Pastoral Care ServicesSt. Mary’s Hospice and Home Health (1CEU Offered)

RSVP’s to Emily are appreciated.

651 699-2664 or 
2235 Rockwood Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55116

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