Kudos to the Team at Southwest Gables

The following message of appreciation was emailed to Southwest Gables property manager Kim McIntosh by a satisfied resident:

At this time of the year I usually come home from work late and it is usually almost dark outside. I came home early last night, so it was still complete daylight. I could see that the grass had been mowed, the grounds have been spruced up, and the property looked so nice. The complex always looks good after a “spruce up” following the long, dirty winter. I also noticed the new sign in front; it is a nice improvement and makes the complex look even better.

I just wanted to share my appreciation for how well the Southwest Gables staff maintains the property. Due to regular maintenance and improvements, the complex does not look 18 years old. Please forward my comments to the corporate office so that they know, along with your team, that your hard work in maintaining the complex is truly noticed and appreciated.

—(resident’s name removed for privacy)

Many thanks for all that you do, Southwest Gables Team!

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