Service-Oriented Approach at Riverview at Upper Landing

The following is an email message sent to property manager Angela Laskowski by a grateful resident:

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the outstanding work that I see here from the Riverview team. Everybody is invariably very friendly and goes out of their way to help no matter what the question or issue might be.

This service-oriented approach really came to light last Sunday when I called the office after noticing that my kitchen sink was filling up with water from above. I bailed the sink out a few times and tried to plunge it myself, but realized that the problem was not going to go away. I knew that if somebody upstairs ran their dishwasher, I was going to have a kitchen full of water and a potentially ruined carpet.

I called Christina at the office and she immediately put me in touch with Fred. Even though it was Easter Sunday and Fred was with his family, he called me within minutes. After discussing the issue Fred came onto the property and personally talked to my upstairs neighbors and gained their cooperation to not run the dishwashers or use their kitchen sinks for the night. He checked with me and told me that he would take care of the problem the next morning with a plumber.

When I returned from work the next day everything was back to normal and the kitchen was clean as a whistle. I really appreciate not only the service but also the professional capability to resolve potentially serious issues in a rapid manner. Please let the team know that I appreciate their ongoing support and look forward to good years to come here at Riverview.

—(resident’s name removed for privacy)

Many thanks to the Riverview team for your super-fast and appropriate response!

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