A Note About An Exceptional LPN, Shepard Park Home Care

The following comments were made about Kay as part of her annual review process. These comments demonstrate why she is worthy of being Employee of the Month!

– I have been a nurse since 1979 and Kay is one of the best LPNs I have ever worked with!
– Kay is very smart and has so much experience that she deals extremely well with any situation. She also has a lot of insight and makes excellent nursing judgments.
– Kay is very thorough and conscientious. She completes her work and always keeps up with and follows up on doctor’s orders and resident requests.
– Kay is kind and caring with the residents.
– Kay is a good leader and helps direct the aides throughout the day and always is ready to step in and help them out when needed.
– Kay will always come to our office and ask if the RNs need any help, even when she is busy with her own tasks. She is always willing to jump up and go do a visit for a resident when we ask; as well as any other request.
– It is a pleasure to work with Kay every day; I feel very confident that our residents are getting the very best care possible with her

Social worker Margaret Wajda’s notations regarding a new resident also reflect Kay’s exceptional abilities: I have tried to encourage interaction, etc. and the resident does not isolate by any means, but is quiet and not reaching out, etc. I have tried introducing one nurse after another to her, and the resident has not blossomed. Today I introduced our Kay D., LPN; she started assisting the resident and they began to gab. It was like a floodgate opened! The resident began reminiscing of her nursing duties in labor & delivery and post partum, etc. I then escorted the resident up to second floor and she was animated, speaking at length. We discussed adoption, preemies, etc. This is the most I had heard from this resident since move in, and with positive eye contact and lots of animation! Much thanks to our Kay for finding the way to open the gate to this resident’s heart.

Staff, just know that if you veer the conversation to this resident’s career as Kay did, she will speak and interact like nobody’s business!
Thanks, Kay, for being such an exceptional LPN!
—Mary Ann Staab, RN

Many thanks to you Kay for your exceptional care!

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