Ask Our Experts-What is Senior Move Management?

What is Senior Move Management?
How Move Managers Help Seniors Make the Move of a Lifetime.

Many seniors have no trouble entertaining the idea of living in one of the many senior housing options which exist across the nation. Many feel it’s time to scale down and move to a smaller place close to the children.  But once the decision to move is made, it’s not always easy for older adults to pull up roots. Between the emotional aspects of leaving a home of many years, increasing health issues, downsizing and the task of sifting through years of accumulating “treasures,” the task of making the move itself can be daunting! So, how does one take the sting out of the moving process? Begin planning early and utilize the many resources available to support one’s path to get to moving day!

Nationally, Senior Move Management is a rapidly growing field. Although every company has its own personality and twist on services, the majority assist with the entire move process from sorting, getting rid of unwanted items, packing, overseeing the movers, unpacking and resettling.   No matter how out of the ordinary a client’s situation may seem, any experienced company has most likely run across a similar situation before and has the resources to eliminate any issue as a potential “stressor” in a move.

For older adults, making a move almost always involves downsizing. Downsizing from a home of 30, 40 or even 50 years often involves sorting countless boxes of belongings.  The key to sorting is to start early, break the sorting into phases and don’t get bogged down by the minutia.

Older adults making a transition often require passing along, in one way or another, a large percentage of their possessions. How does one tell mom and dad that they need to pass along their oversized dining room table that holds countless memories of family gatherings?  The answer is to find a “home” for items that holds value to the “donor”, whether it be financial or emotional.  Gifting family heirlooms to children and seeing their enjoyment of its use in their home can be very satisfying.

Growing in popularity are numerous Internet options. The hugely popular bidding website of EBay ( allows thousands to view an item and hopefully, bring a fair and accurate financial return. Another popular local Internet site is Craig’s List (, where one posts items at a set dollar amount, often along with a digital photo and then waiting for the calls to come in.

Oftentimes, people find themselves with white elephant items, such as upright pianos, or bulky, vintage stereo systems. Often (but not always), if it becomes next to impossible to find open arms for these items, one can resort to or,  , which are websites that offer a free posting of items to be given away. This scenario allows one’s “trash” to become someone else’s “treasure”.

Quality packing is an art, so if you’re hiring packers, look for experience.    Honesty, compassion, and integrity may also be crucial elements, as this part of the process can be delicate, involving not only the physical component, but often a large emotional factor and a dash of family dynamics.

Last but not least, moving companies are a major player in making a difference between a stressful move and one that runs as smooth as silk.  Angie’s List ( offers “reports” or testimonials of personal experiences with moving companies.  It’s a great resource, but most importantly, assure that your moving company is licensed, bonded, insured.

Oftentimes, people put off moves for years due to “the move” itself. Afterwards, they’ll remark that they wish they had done it years ago. If the obstacle of “the move” is removed, one can get situated in a setting perfect for their needs and interests, a “home” that offers not only a multitude of amenities, but a built-in social network that can be a valuable gift for any age group.

Submitted by Diane Bjorkman, Owner of Gentle Transitions

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