A ‘very special’ employee at Coachman Trails

I nominate Sue because she has been working extremely hard this past month to fill the void of some unexpected notices to vacate. Although she is busy juggling more applicants at once than ever before, Sue still finds the time to treat each and every one with tremendous kindness, courtesy and professionalism. One gentleman even left a message requesting that only Sue call him back because, “she is very special”! She makes no complaints about coming in early or leaving late, just to make sure everyone is taken care of properly. All this, while still maintaining strong relationships with her current residents.
I am very fortunate to have such a positive and hardworking team member. THANKS, SUE!
—Kim West, property manager, Coachman Trails

Thank you Kim, for taking a moment to recognize Sue’s commitment to Coachman Trails‘ residents. Thank you for all that you do, Sue!

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