StuartCo Roving Summer Crew- A Glimpse Into Their Busy Summer Too!

Part of the ‘Crew’

Each Summer we enlist a group that we affectionately call our Summer Roving Crew. They are quite the group with a can-do attitude and a laundry list of projects to tackle in a three-month time span. Although sometimes doing not-so-glamorous items on their daily agenda at various communities, the projects are nonetheless completed efficiently and successfully. And did we mention how thankful managers of the communities are to have HUGE projects completed like the list below?

  • Paint garage trim
  • Fix edging around rock beds
  • Clean A/C coils, fridge coils
  • Faucet/tub faucet checks
  • Smoke detector checks
  •  Power wash stucco
  • Removing trees
  • Pressure wash building exterior, patios/balconies and garages
  • Paint decks
  • Clean exhaust fans in bathrooms & laundry rooms
  • Sweep stairwells
  • Dig trenches
  • Stain gazebos and decks
  • Install shutters
  • Clean chillers
  • Clean boilers
  • Attic insulation and venting repairs
  • Haul appliances
  • Clean and calibrate thermostats
  • Clean furnaces
  • Exit light and emergency light inspections and repairs
  • Turnover maintenance
  • Work festivals (many we’re honorary members of the marketing department too!)

Many thanks to our Summer Roving Crew for all of their hard work, Darren for orchestrating this group, managers of each StuartCo community as well as the entire team at communities that all played a part in helping complete these often times HUGE projects.

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