Thoughtfulness and Kindness at our Shepard Park Senior Campus

Recently Stacey provided a tour to a woman who was looking for a new place of residence for her mother, who currently lives alone in Northfield. Her mother currently receives services from a caregiver who comes for a few hours each day, but the family feels she needs more socialization and would benefit from living in a place like The Wellington. The woman who met with Stacey lives in the area, as does her twin sister. The woman told Stacey she would be going on one other tour and hoped to make her decision soon. She said that when she decides what would work best for her mother, she would bring her for a tour. The woman was very excited to see all of the activity taking place around The Wellington, and when she left she gave Stacey a big hug! Shortly after the woman met with Stacey P, I received a very complimentary call from the woman. She was so impressed by Stacey’s kindness, thoughtfulness, and charm, and said it was such a blessing to have Stacey tour her around The Wellington. I think she’s sold! She said it’s so funny how all the assisted living residences are so different, and that Stacey just knocked her socks off.
Thank you so much for being such an important part of our senior housing team!
—Stacey Neameyer, portfolio director

Thank you for your exceptional service, Stacey P.!

The Wellington  I  Senior Housing by StuartCo

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