Exceptional and Caring Service at Westchester Village!

I nominate Jeff because we just had the best unit–to–unit inspections we’ve ever had! Jeff was so great with the residents during inspections. For example, due to a recent problem, we needed to make sure we could access all plumbing panels this year. We added that to our inspection sheet; but unfortunately, many residents had shelving in the way, or shelving that covered the panel. Jeff had me note such circumstances on a separate sheet, and he assured each resident that this was not a lease violation and he would assist them with whatever was required to be done to clear the panel area. He was also supportive and encouraging; Jeff left each resident feeling good about the entire process, and in the future we will be able to easily access each and every panel. In addition, Jeff came up with several items to check during inspection that we hadn’t checked in the past. These items will keep us on top of our preventive work schedule. With it just being the two of us working here, it is so nice to have an exceptional co-worker who cares so much for the residents as well as the building!
—Shirley Grewe, property manager

Here’s a bit more detail about how Jeff goes above and beyond. Shirley also mentioned that Jeff is a master at saving the community money when it comes to preventative maintenance. Last year Jeff also came up with the idea to confirm that all water access panels were free and clear because they were finding many residents with permanent shelving units near to these panels. It could have potentially had a very negative impact. Jeff came up with the idea to purchase pine boards and use 2×4’s to create 3 or 4 permanent shelves, painting them with wall paint and installing them above the access panel. The residents who he had to address this with were very thankful for a new permanent shelving unit, and in addition it benefited the preventative maintenance schedule, saving time and money in the long run.

Thank you Shirley for submitting this wonderful comment about a fellow team member. Your dynamic duo team is indeed exceptional!

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