Congratulations September & October Employees of the Month!


Congratulations to our Employees of the Month!

The September Employees of the Month are Annette Leibel, Margaret Wajda, and Teresa Cyrus.

Annette is our Business Office Manager “Extraordinaire!” She has been with StuartCo for 17 years and during that time has definitely seen a lot of changes. She makes my job so much easier by helping or taking the lead in numerous areas including payroll, accounts, payable, leases, monthly statements and supervising our housekeeping, laundry & caretaking team members. What is amazing is that Annettte also performs many of these functions for The Alton as well. I often tease Annette and tell her that she won’t ever be able to retire because there isn’t anyone on Earth who could possibly fill her shoes! I’m thankful every day for having her there, especially now, during budget season! I couldn’t get through it without her!

Heather Raduenz, housing manager

The following is a letter submitted to Portfolio Director Stacey Neameyer by the family member of a former resident after the resident was relocated to the East Coast:

My brother-in-law, (name removed for privacy), lived in your facilities for some months. Rather than fill out the form you sent, I wish to tell you how precious the assistance of Margaret Wajda at The Wellington and Teresa at The Alton has been to me. Trying to manage long distance with [name] was very hard for me, as I am not young nor very strong, but they helped me in every way they could. Margaret was there every time I needed her and provided help, counseling and concrete assistance with kindness and grace. She is a marvelous social worker indeed! Teresa also was competent and available and seemed to know just how to get the help our family needed for [name]. We will miss your care and only hope that [name] will be as well provided for at Clare Bridge. To a person your facility has been a place of concern and assistance. Especially to the Alton staff and to Margaret, our family salutes your wonderful assistance to people, who, through no fault of their own, require it.

-(name removed for privacy)

The October Employee of the Month is DeAngelo Verdell.

The following is an email sent to president & CEO Lisa Moe by a personal friend whose mother resides at The Alton:

Hi Lisa,

I am finally taking the time I should to tell you about an absolutely wonderful employee you have at The Alton. He is the custodian who takes care of mom’s floor or possibly more I don’t know about. He works during the day. It is so rare when you come across someone who chooses a great attitude every single day. He smiles, he greets, he goes out of his way to ask how your day is. More impressively, he does all this while staying busy and, as I like to say, moving at a speed other than neutral. God knows I have a full appreciations for employees like that!

Seriously, his attitude is contagious. I know if he can deal with all the clean-up issues he must have to face-like I know my custodians do, and still seem to love his work so much, he deserves to be commended. Please ask the new manager of The Alton to just let him know that family members notice his hard work, his smile and willingness to do anything he can to help someone. I have a great deal of comfort knowing someone like him is around my mom on a regular basis.

Hope all is well with you my friend,

-(name removed for privacy)

Again, congratulations to you all! We appreciate your hardwork and dedication!

These exceptional employees are from The Alton and The Wellington, both a part of our Shepard Park Senior Campus, located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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