Thank You, Karol, for Always Providing Extra Help!

I nominate Karol Matesi from Parkside as Employee of the Month. Karol is a great asset to us at Stonehill by always helping out when we need coverage-and she is willing to help out in any way she can! She treats our residents well and really goes the extra mile to help someone with a problem. In addition, I also appreciate the number of prospective residents Karol refers to Stonehill. She is able to easily recognize what they are looking for and knows where to send them in order to make them happy! For example, in recent weeks Karol has sent three prospects to Stonehill and two of them rented! Thank you, Karol, for everything you do!

Katie Johnson, leasing consultant, Stonehill

Thank you Katie for taking the time to recognize Karol’s exceptional service!

Karol is an employee of Parkside at Medicine Lake Apartments, a sister property to Stonehill, both Plymouth communities.

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