Congratulations November and December Employees of the Month!

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Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for November and December!

The November Employee of the Month is Jack DeLeon of Northpointe Apartments, located in Brown Deer, Wisconsin.

 I enthusiastically nominate Jack for the Employee of the Month! Here is just a few of the MANY things I could say about Jack: He is dedicated, dependable and flexible to the forever-changing duties thrown at him.

Jack spent nearly the entire summer without a supporting maintenance tech II. This meant he was on call nearly 24/7. He also postponed taking paid time off to ensure the maintenance duties were covered. Jack has gone above and beyond the call of duty so many times, I can’t think of each individual occurrence because there are so many!

I have heard numerous residents express to me that if Jack were to leave NorthPointe, they aren’t sure they would continue to renew their lease. Residents continuously give rave reviews of the service they receive and how fast and knowledgeable Jack is about the maintenance of NorthPointe.

I really think Jack deserves consideration for Bellringer recognition, too, given all the challenges he has faced since the change from a local to an out-of-state portfolio director occurred about two years ago. From day one Jack jumped right in and took on things he was never shown or of which he had no working knowledge. With the multitude of A/C problems he faced, he never gave up on finding solutions to help make our residents comfortable.

That’s just a start of what I could think to say to nominate Jack for Employee of the Month!

—Jeff Robertson, property manager

The December Employee of the Month is Veronica Plumley of Century North Apartments, located in Oakdale, Minnesota.

I enthusiastically nominate Veronica for Employee of the Month! I recently received a phone call from a very gracious and very happy resident who couldn’t say enough nice things about Veronica. A little back story on this resident is that she lives alone and has no family members who live close to her, and she is currently battling medical issues. She called to tell me how Veronica had left a beautiful flower outside her apartment door with a really sweet card attached that simply stated she hadn’t seen this resident around lately and wanted to make sure she was doing ok. Veronica also wrote that her she missed the little conversations they would have while she was out cleaning or taking care of the building. Long story short is this resident hadn’t been out & about because of medical issues, but that morning when she opened her door, saw the beautiful flower, and read the sweet card, she just couldn’t believe it!

That day happened to be her birthday, and what a surprise it was to open the door to that! Also, this resident mentioned that she hadn’t received flowers since her husband passed away years ago. She was so happy! She included in our conversation that Veronica is such a pleasant person who has always gone above & beyond the call of duty. I agree with that and want to make this nomination on behalf of this resident and myself to a very deserving employee – Veronica Plumley! It’s amazing what a small gesture can do to brighten someone’s day—especially on their birthday!

—Glenda Apman, property manager

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