StuartCo Annual Awards and Recipients

StuartCo Annual Awards and Recipients

December 8th, 2012

2012 Treating Your Customers Like Gold Employee of the Month Winners:
Mike Miller (January); The Entire Team at The Plaza (March); Pat Baribeau (April); Mike Moynihan (May); Claire Storey and Maria Munoz Flores (June); Liz Oxendale (July); Jeff Robertson (August); Annette Leibel and Margaret Wajda (September); DeAngelo Verdell (October); Jack DeLeon (November); Veronica Plumley (December)

Treating Your Customers Like Gold Employee of the Year
Jeff Robertson

Extra Mile Award
Rick Fisher

“Charity Cup” Traveling Trophy Award
The Wellington

Team Award
The Wellington

Outstanding Assistant Manager Award
Annette Leibel

Excellence in Leasing Awards
Laura Murphy

Excellence in Marketing Award
Jodi Grendahl

Excellence in Building Operations Award
Bobby Munoz, Jack DeLeon

Community Service Award
Brianna Wunderlich

Excellence in Health Care Awards
Veronica Mokaya, Margie Wright

Excellence in Caretaking Award
Brandy Hutton

Excellence in Accounting Award
Doug McGraw

Excellence in Management Award
Tera Morris Kane

Most Improved Property, Affordable Housing
Maryland Park

Most Improved Property, Market Rate
The Alton

Property of the Year, Affordable Housing
Lamplighter Village

Property of the Year, Market Rate
Highland Ridge

Previous President’s Award Recipients
Allen Forrest (1994), Lisa Moe (1996), Shirley Grewe (1998), Sandy Garbrecht (1999), Ann Lewis (2001 and 2003), the NorthPointe-Brown Deer Team (2002), Jodi Grendahl (2004), Deb Stachowski (2005), Joe Videle (2006), Darren Jakel (2007), Dan Wolfe (2008), Marvel Thorne (2009), Barry & Maryann Stern (2010), Ranell Grosskreutz (2011)

2012 President’s Award
Travis Guza, Corporate

Five+ Year Employees
We have 99 individuals who have been with us
for five or more years!

Five Year Awards
Joyce Kerina, Shepard Park Home Care
Mohamed Kayongo, Heritage Landing
Jen McDonough, York Plaza
Sheryl Neil, corporate office
Mike Phillips, Coachman Trails
Rick Fisher, Shepard Park neighborhood
Pete Rosen, Genesee
Catherine Ragozzino, Genesee
Robin Fulton, Highland Ridge
Alma Sremcevic, Greenfield
Tsegay Yigebewal, Woodridge
Ricardo Lagunas, York Plaza
Todd Brown, Riverview at Upper Landing
Gerri Morehouse, Shepard Park Home Care
Tera Morris Kane, Deer Ridge & Raspberry Woods
Tom Gleason, Hopkins Plaza & Gold Crest
Tyler Furu, Genesee
Marina Segovia, Riverview at Upper Landing
Evan Phillips, Rockwood Place
Selina Markie, Wodstone
Karina Seppala, Heritage Landing
Jon Lewis, RiverPlace
William Kakuba, Shepard Park Home Care
Veronica Mokaya, Shepard Park Home Care
Maralyn Taylor, Maryland Park & Lamplighter Village

Ten or more Year Employees
We have 41 individuals who have been with us for ten or more years!

Ten Year Awards
Robin Hall, The Plaza
Marvel Thorne, Corporate Office

15 Year Awards 
Tracy Sauer, Hopkins Plaza
Courtney Dunlay, Corporate Office

20 Year Awards
Shirley Grewe, Westchester Village

Don’t forget to check out the photos of the fun event too! Here’s a sneak peek.


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