GreenTEAM Tip: Proper Disposal of Miscellaneous Household Items

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We are working hard to provide helpful information to our residents in order to continue to live green everyday, while also working towards StuartCo’s portfolio-wide goal of reducing waste by 10% in 2013. A blog reader commented on a recent blog post:

“I would suggest that residents be informed of how to recycle special items such as batteries, light bulbs, and electronic items.”

We agree! This blog post contains information regarding resources around the Twin Cities metro, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LaCrosse, Wisconsin and Omaha, Nebraska.


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Recycle light bulbs

Hennepin County; Recycle batteries

Best Buy; Recycle electronics


Recycle More Wisconsin; Recycle batteries and light bulbs

City of Milwaukee; Recycle electronics


Nebraska Department of Environmental Equality; Recycle light bulbs$FILE/BULBS%20revise%202012.pdf

Nebraska State Recycling Association; Recycle batteries

City of Lincoln; Recycle electronics

We know there are many resources around your area that provide recycling services, but we hope this list makes it a little easier to locate.

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