Featured Resource: Why Buy When You Can Enjoy The Perks of Renting?

rent or buy

Why is renting better than home ownership? Here are ten reasons why it is the better option, provided by Occupancy Heroes Incorporated.

We agree! This is a great list to read over when contemplating what is the best option for your individual situation.

1. Apartments are Easy!

Compared to owning a home, renting is easy!  Apartments dwellers escape the chores of yard work, the responsibility and expense of owning and maintaining equipment (those snow-blowers aren’t cheap!), and freedom from the property maintenance.

2.  Rent is still cheaper than home ownership.

Urban city dwellers have already learned this.  They can have a beautiful place, a terrific view and the convenience of walking to work for less than the cost of a condo!

3.  There are costs hiding in homeownership!

Depending on the mortgage payment and other deductions, homeowners may not get a tax benefit for owning a house.  And, with the cost of borrowing money, most homeowners spend the first five years of owning their home simply making payments on the interest!  Renters don’t need huge down payments, mortgage costs, and they don’t have the hassles of buying and selling.

4.  Apartments are better places to meet people.

It’s a lot easier to get to know your neighbors and make friends when you see them in the halls everyday, or bump into them at the
mailboxes.  Some homeowners never even see their neighbors!

5.  With referrals, renters can even choose their neighbors!

Companies offer payment for referrals or some other incentive.  It’s a win-win for the renter. Homeowners don’t get that benefit!

6.  More perks!

Many apartment communities offer pools, spas, fitness rooms and clubhouses for gatherings.  It’s rare that a home can hold as many people as a clubhouse, many areas around the community can be big enough for those extra-large groups .

7.  Renters can share expenses.

Splitting the rent with a roommate or two is a great way to save money – not to mention you have someone to come home to!

8.  Apartments provide flexibility.

Our society is a transient one.  People seem to be constantly on the move — often due to changes in jobs or family situations.  Renters can easily leave at the end of their lease contract without worrying about when or if their house will sell and for how much.

9.  There’s safety in numbers.

Apartment dwellers always have neighbors close by.  Knowing someone is right across the hall when you need them can be very comforting.

10.  Convenience.

Many of the amenities offered to today’s renters’ aim at making life renting more convenient than owning a home.  The availability of laundry rooms and no-hassle utilities like cable and Internet access make for a stress free lifestyle.

Are there any reasons that you’d like to add to this list? Make sure to leave a comment on this post or email us at living@stuartco.com!

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