Almaz, A Caring and Compassionate Team Member of Shepard Park Home Care

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I would like to nominate Almaz for Employee of the Month. She usually works in the care suite and is very compassionate and caring. I once witnessed Almaz’s calm manner when she redirected a memory care resident who was being demanding and uncooperative. A resident’s family member once commented that she likes it when Almaz is working because she knows her mom will be well taken care of. Almaz has a very approachable manner and is very gracious with everyone. Almaz has many hidden talents, and she is from Africa and was a medic in her country’s army for 10 years. Also she speaks four languages fluently. I enjoy working with Almaz as she makes me aware of any urgent situations that arise. She is always upbeat and pleasant. I’m glad you’re here, Almaz. Thank you for all you do.
—Kay Distad, LPN

Thank you Kay for taking the time to let us know about the exceptional care at Shepard Park Home Care!

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