Community Rooms of StuartCo

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching! Many of our communities have exceptional community rooms that are the perfect location for a Super Bowl Party: big screens, comfortable seating, and many have full kitchens too! What more could you ask for?

See below for a few of our community rooms, and this past post for a additional photos.


Highland Ridge Apartments, St. Paul, Minnesota


Genesee Apartments and Townhomes, Bloomington, Minnesota

Cyber Cafe 1

Riverview at Upper Landing Apartments, St. Paul, Minnesota

Community Room 3

Heritage Landing Apartments, Flat, and Townhomes, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Community Room 1

The Plaza Apartments, St. Paul, Minnesota


Stonehill Apartments, Plymouth, Minnesota

We have also been on Pinterest collecting our favorite recipes. We hope you’ll visit our Board of Super Bowl Recipes! What’s your staple appetizer?

We hope you enjoy watching the game, wherever you may be!

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