Make Your Move GREEN!

greenboxMoving to a StuartCo property this Spring?

We’ve got some great tips to help you save time, money, space, and energy! PLUS, you’ll be saving on waste as well!

Check out companies like or for an eco-friendly, highly organized option.

And for general GREEN moving tips before and after you make the move, see the list below!

  • Try not to accumulate as much stuff in the first place. Less is generally better for the planet anyway, and  the less stuff you move, the less gas your moving truck will burn.
  •  Get rid of stuff before you move it. Consider holding a garage sale, or selling your unnecessary items online  at eBay or through Craigslist.
  • Cut back on the bubble wrap. You can use old newspapers for non-fragile items, or even old sheets or towels as packing material. These weigh more and don’t offer as much benefit as the lighter bubble wrap, but anything you can do to cut back helps.
  • Look for environmentally friendly cleaning products when moving out. Seventh Generation is a national brand of cleaning products that makes toilet bowl cleaners, dishwashing powder and carpet cleaners. These products can be found at many large discount chains such as Target.
  • Hire moving companies that tout environmentally friendly attributes.
  • Ask that a company employ eco-friendly practices, especially if it doesn’t. If moving companies believe that consumers are demanding environmentally friendly moves, the moving industry will feel obligated to adopt green moving methods.

Green Tips After Moving Into Your New Home

  • Stop junk mail by registering with the Mail Preference Service at the Direct Marketing Association. It won’t stop all the junk mail, but it will help to reduce a large portion of unwanted paper.
  • Set up a recycling center in your new kitchen where it’s easy and handy to separate paper from plastic recyclable materials. Making recycling easy to do ensures that you’ll be more likely to do it.
  • Think before buying. When shopping for a non-essential item, ask yourself a simple question: When the times comes to move again, will you relish the idea of moving it?
  • Reduce the possessions you own by recycling or donating an item when you bring a similar item into your home.

Original article source, here.

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