Great Location at Hopkins Plaza!

Entrance 6

Great location! Hopkins is a fun city and small so its easy to get around. There are community activities, a variety of restaurants, a good movie theater with low-cost tickets, the arts center is awesome, great entertainment and community classes. Hopkins is the home of a top quality public performing arts high school, Main Street School of Performing Arts. There are quality car repair shops, storage facilities, banks, grocery store (Driskills), exercise places, hair salons, small fun shops, a variety of businesses such as acupuncture, massage, accountants, dentists, Hopkins Vision Clinic, ACE Hardware, and more. It’s close to HI 7 & Knollwood Mall; its off Excelsior Blvd., giving access to many St. Louis Park businesses including Methodist Hospital & Park Nicollet Clinic; & its very close to HI 169. In the complex, they take very good care of the outdoor swimming pool. Snow-removal efforts are excellent – they keep the walk ways cleared and salted. I’ve lived here for 5 years now & I’ve met some wonderful neighbors. Throughout the year there are several fun activities for the residents to get to know each other and local city service personnel often attend. Stuart Co mgmt and our local mgmt work hard to provide a quality place for residents to call home.

This resident provided such a great note about the convenient location of Hopkins Plaza! We hope that some have experienced the great area, but if not, go out and try some of these attractions this weekend!

Hopkins Plaza Apartments and Townhomes  I  A StuartCo Community

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