GreenTEAM Goals-First Quarter Update

go green

We’ve wrapped up our first quarter of the year, and Earth Day is quickly approaching on April 22nd. Here are a few ideas that our StuartCo teams are doing to help achieve the Green-TEAM goals.

First, a reminder of our team goals, we are making smart, energy-saving choices to preserve our planet.

Our goal is to reduce our waste by 10% in 2013. Here’s how we’re planning to achieve it:

1. We’ll minimize the amount of printed materials delivered to residents by utilizing sophisticated digital communication tools.

2. We will continue our efforts to reduce utility consumption by ensuring that our systems are always operating as efficiently as possible.

3. We will be asking our team members, residents, and business partners to join our efforts.

from southwest gables:

To better control lighting costs, we’ve added occupancy sensors in our trash rooms and to our gym/fitness center area. We added recycling receptacles. In one of our buildings we have replaced all the T12 garage lights with LED fixtures. We print our service requests out on special perforated paper so a copy isn’t needed. We will be implementing a phone book recycling program this spring.

from lamplighter village:

We use One Call Now to notify residents of upcoming items such as lot plowing, rent due dates, or water shut-off issues. This has cut down on the use of paper quite a bit and is faster & more efficient than having staff members deliver notices.

from genesee:

We are paperless in our resident correspondence – no notices to apartment doors. We use email, One Call Now, resident portal, and an online newsletter (email link sent to residents & posted on social media). When possible, we scan/email a copy of lease paperwork to residents rather than photocopying.

from woodridge:

On a management level we are recycling all paper and using e-files for documents that in the past were printed out. We are also emailing copies of leases (and renewals) to residents. We’re utilizing One Call Now to communicate to residents instead of delivering paper flyers. We’re working toward LED lightbulbs in common areas, and have added light sensors in common areas.

from coachman trails:

We have recycle bins in each office and are training ourselves to be better at using them. We recently received flyers and posters from Hennepin County regarding the county’s overall recycling program to distribute/display, and they also provided us with reusable bags to give to our residents. They are large, very easy to clean, and show photos of common household items that can be recycled.

accounting department:

From a financial standpoint, we closed on several loans over the past several months and saved all closing documents, third-party reports, etc. electronically rather than printing & filing.

We hope you enjoyed this update. And as always, please share about how you’re going GREEN in your home or work environment.


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