Terrific Service Provided by Jennifer at Genesee!


The following is an email message sent to Jennifer by a prospective resident who was very impressed by her:

Hello Jennifer,

I wanted to drop you a note and  thank you for your terrific service and sincere  interest in helping me as I searched for a new home. When you and I spoke over the phone, I was on my way to view another property – at which I ultimately decided to rent.

Based on your phone manner, professionalism and friendliness, I can tell you that had I spoken to you first, I would be a resident at Genesee today. This is no doubt small consolation at this point I’m sure. But, I felt it important for you to know that I truly admire your talents and am grateful for the experience. You are a credit to your employer, and they certainly benefit greatly with having you representing Genesee and StuartCo. I will cheerfully refer anyone I encounter to be in touch with you.

Sincerely,—(name removed for privacy)

Many thanks to this person for taking the time to let us know what a great experience they had at Genesee. And, although they didn’t choose Genesee because of previous commitments, we know they will be back to visit the team based on their exceptional first impression.

Very well done, Jennifer! Thank you for your commitment to beyond exceptional service.

Genesee Apartments and Townhomes  I  A StuartCo Community

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