Caretakers Collaborate

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Company-wide, Caretakers from over 30 communities gathered this week at the corporate office to collaborate!

There were 30 Caretakers in attendance for training that focused on safety and efficiency. Those in attendance have over 100 years of Caretaking experience!

Topics discussed were the company-wide GreenTEAM goal to reduce waste by 10% in 2013, how to accurately record many of the various information logs that are required, and many procedural instructions and best practices.

Each person was asked why they enjoy working at StuartCo, the common themes were the love of the residents and property, convenient locations, and the appreciation of the flexibility in their schedules.  They also love the fact that StuartCo provides training, efficiency and safety information on an ongoing basis.

All enjoyed the collaborating and are looking forward to the next training opportunity!

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