A Heartfelt Note From an Alton Resident’s Family Member


To all of you,

Thank you so much for the card you sent to us expressing your thoughts about my uncle Bill. They were warm and heartfelt, and our family appreciates them very much.

The card was a reflection of the type of care that Bill received from you over the last three plus years. I knew that Bill was in good hands while he was in your care, and it was obvious to me how much everyone at The Alton cared for him as a person, not just as a client or patient.

You ‘got’ his jokes, which shows that you were listening, which isn’t always the case in your industry.

We were lucky to find you, and Bill was lucky to have the privilege of living out the last few years of his life in the warm, friendly environment that is The Alton.

Thank you all so much!

We enjoyed reading this note from a family member of an Alton resident. We appreciate the time that they took to write the letter!

The Alton  I  A StuartCo Community

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