Employee of the Month-Chris Carlson!

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Chris might just be the perfect customer service employee!

I challenge ANYONE to find a resident who doesn’t know who he is or has anything bad to say about him.  The residents love him and it’s not hard to see why. Chris knows the right questions to ask each resident and is also very good at listening.

Chris also goes the extra mile! The skills Chris has aren’t just customer relations, they are customer understanding. I think Chris was born with these skills and has honed them throughout his many experiences in life, and I’m glad for that because it gives us an opportunity to learn from each other.

Chris’ learning curve is vertical right now and he is always putting new “tools” in his toolbox like tricks of trades, trouble shooting skills, safety practices, problem solving, and others. He shows me every day that he’s not here just to be present; he’s here to show his commitment and loyalty to a company for which he is very happy to work. I see this is his willingness to learn new skills, complete jobs thoroughly and save money, listen to my direction but also question it in order to understand it better, and think out of the box in situations that are uncommon or have no step-by-step solution. Chris won’t be a Robin (#2 guy) for long because he’s quickly earning his cape and will be ready to be a Batman (#1 guy) at another property of his own.

—Aaron Mitcheltee, maintenance lead tech at Raspberry Woods Townhomes and Deer Ridge Townhomes

Chris is a maintenance tech at Raspberry Woods Townhomes and Deer Ridge Townhomes.

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