StuartCo’s Biggest Loser Challenge Results

biggest loserOver the course of our twelve week Biggest Loser Challenge (March 4th through May 26th) our 60+ participants racked up some pretty impressive numbers! Here are just a few of them:

Total number of pounds lost: 284

Water consumed: 207, 872 ounces (that’s 12,992 bottles, 16-ounces each!)

Servings of fruit eaten: 4,560

Servings of vegetables eaten: 6,810

Minutes of exercise: 61,980 (1,033 hours!)

People who achieved 8 +hours of sleep each night, on average: 39

Hours of relaxation/stress reduction: 2,860 (119 days!)

Healthy breakfasts eaten: 2,625

Healthy snacks eaten: 2,358

Those who tried switching from sugary drinks to water for one week: 31

Those who added fruit to their breakfast for a week: 22

Those who focused on what they ate/drank before bedtime for a week: 22

Those who ate only healthy snacks for an entire week: 14

Those who made sure to wear their seat belt and not talk on phone while driving for a week: 14

Those who had a doctor and dental check-up within last six months: 33

Those who shared with someone a healthy lifestyle change they’d made: 43

Interesting Facts and Stats provided by StuartCo’s Wellness Committee

One thought on “StuartCo’s Biggest Loser Challenge Results

  1. This is impressive and congratulations are in order. I am Board President of VEAP (Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People) here in Bloomington. We are the largest food pantry in the state of Minn. serving Bloomington; Edina; Richfield and SW corner of Mpls. Along with the food pantry, we have transportation for seniors; shutins etc. We serve approx 8,000 people per month. Due to increased need in our area, we are relocating to a larger space at 9600 Aldrich Ave S. In this facility, we are going to attempt to show clients how to utilize food better and be able to provide more healthy meals for their families. Back to School supplies are an annual push also. We want to keep our communities strong and have well trained children for the future.

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