StuartCo Participates in Backpack Drive

August kicked off with a backpack drive for Simpson Housing.  The mission of Simpson housing is to “house, support and advocate for people experiencing homelessness.”  Each of our Minnesota Metro area communities filled a backpack with school supplies for a specific student varying in age from Kindergarten to High School.  We set out to fill 22 backpacks for 22 kids with items such as notebooks, highlighters, pencils, and more!


Our residents provided us with enough school supplies for not only the 22 backpacks we set out to fill, but they also provided us with…  5 additional backpacks, 25 notebooks, 5 composition notebooks, 12 loose leaf paper packets, 8 rulers, 8 boxes of colored pencils, 8 packages of notecards, 12 boxes of crayons, 11 packages of glue sticks, 21 boxes of #2 pencils, 9 scissors, 4 packages of highlighters, 3 boxes of markers, 4 packages of pens, 1 package of erasers, 1 protractor, 1 water color set, 4 calculators, 2 manuscript tablets, 3 pens/pencil zipper pouches, 3 book covers, 2 three ring binders, and 6 folders.


How awesome are our residents?!

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