The Alton SuperStars Remain Undefeated After 14th Game and Kare 11 Captured the Fun.

The Alton SuperStars took on the StuartCo Corporate Office in balloon volleyball and landed their 14th consecutive win and story coverage on Kare11 News!

They remain undefeated with hopes of attracting more challenging opponents.

Volleyball is just one of the many activities residents at The Alton participate in. Our award-winning activities team is passionate about providing opportunities to play, learn, create, and grow in daily life at The Alton on our Shepard Park Senior Living campus.

Jana Shortal from Kare 11 and her team captured all the fun yesterday. The photo gallery can be viewed here.

Our ongoing fun, including The Alton’s take on Uptown Funk video that went viral, can be found on our Facebook Page.

Alton 20

Alton 6

Alton 4


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