Super Bowl, Super Party

Super Bowl 50 is just around the corner, and even if your team isn’t playing (or if you don’t know which teams are playing!), it’s a great excuse to gather your friends and throw a fantastic party. Think your space might be too small for a successful event? Think again! We’ve gathered some tips and tricks in order to make your Super Bowl party one that your friends will be talking about until the next one.


Get creative with your space

Your fridge is full of food, and you have no space for a big cooler—where will you put your beverages? You’ve got a built-in cooler with your kitchen sink! Fill it with ice and your beverages for a fun solution. Or take advantage of the freezing temperatures—and of the great balcony/patio space we offer—and stock your beverages outside!

You’ve only got one couch and a couple of chairs… where is everyone going to sit? Add some extra comfortable seating and color into your home with floor pillows! We found a great tutorial on no sew pillows that should be a cinch to make!

Use all the space you have and have fun with it—turn your dresser into a bar, and throw a tablecloth over your coffee table and use it as a dining area.

Need more ideas or inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board!

Keep it simple, keep it light, keep it comfortable

Clutter makes a space feel more crowded, so keep your decorations to a minimum.

Lighten up, literally! Open up your blinds and shades, and if you’ve got an extra mirror or two, use them to expand the feel of the room.

Lots of people in one space creates warmth, so turn your heat down to ensure your guests are comfortable (the only ones that should be sweating are the football players!).

Involve your community!

Does your community have a party or theater room that’s available to rent? Check in with the office to see if that’s a possibility, as those amenities offer a great alternative for hosting events such as this.

Your neighbors can also make great guests and co-hosts! Plan a progressive party and have a different neighbor host each quarter of the game, and one neighbor host the halftime show. Not only does it provide a change of scenery, it increases the amount of space you have to use!

And of course, the food.

A Super Bowl party wouldn’t be complete without the food! Check out our Pinterest board for some great game day appetizer ideas! A few of our favorites:

Football shaped zucchini fritters
Mac and cheese bites
And if you want to get really creative, build a snack stadium!

Got any other tips and tricks? Leave them in the comments below! And no matter which team you’re cheering for (or if you’re just in it for the commercials and halftime show)—get creative and have fun!

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