Our Hearts Are Melting…

At StuartCo, we’re celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day! We asked our fabulous and dedicated staff to share stories of their special loved ones, and why they deserve to be celebrated not just on February 14, but every day of the year!

 Jacqueline Laster

Jacqueline Laster, Leasing Consultant, Lamplighter Village Apartments

My husband Darius makes my heart melt. We got married October 6, 2015, so this Valentine’s Day will be our first as a married couple—Darius is very kind and exceptionally romantic, so he wanted to do something special this year. He calls it “14 Days of Romance.” Since February 1, he has presented me with a small gift or a gesture of love every day. I’ve gotten pink roses, the bathroom mirror covered in Post-It love notes, and even a video message of him singing “My Girl” by The Temptations! Darius is so thoughtful and loving—I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!


Kim Webster, Regional Executive Director of Senior Living, StuartCo

My sons and their families are the true joy of my life, as they were for my husband Kevin, who passed away from pancreatic cancer 16 months ago. After this difficult time, my family was given the great blessing of not one, but TWO new grandchildren at the end of 2015—one on December 28, and another on December 30. My new grandson bears my late husband’s name as his middle name, and he, his big brother, and their new cousin are the great loves in my life!

Gabrielle Stern.jpg

Gabrielle Stern, Leasing & Marketing Coordinator, Deer Ridge Townhomes and Raspberry Woods Townhomes

My family (my mom, dad, sister, and brother) makes my heart melt! Family has always been very important to us. We support each other and are each other’s backbone. I couldn’t ask for a better family, and watching my little brother and sister grow up is so awesome. I love playing video games with Cameron and watching Mattie pitch her heart out in softball. Knowing I can go to my parents for absolutely anything is the best feeling in the world. I love all of them so much!

My dog also makes my heart melt! I’ve had him since he was eight weeks old. My favorite quote is “anyone that says diamonds are a girl’s best friend never owned a dog.” Axel always knows when I’m down and will jump up on me and lick my face. I love him with all of my heart, even when he tears up my couch!


 Shannan Robb, Leasing Consultant, Heritage Landing

My kids are my loves, and my partners in crime! No matter what we are doing, we try and find the fun in it. We love hiking, baseball, skating and watching movies.


Michelle Dalbec, Leasing Consultant, Eagle Creek Townhomes

The person who melts my heart is my husband, James! February 11th will mark our 26 year ‘together’ anniversary, married 22 years. Our love started as a teenage crush, but over the years our love has grown into a true love that just gets stronger each day. Four kids and three grandkids later, I am proud to say he is my rock, my backbone, and most of all my best friend. A kiss on the forehead every morning and a bear hug in the evening. Our words to each other every night are “Good night, sweet dreams, I love you.” This is how our story will continue…

Chelsea Vadner 

Chelsea Vadner, Property Manager, E Street Flats

I am an only child. When I was growing up, every Valentine’s Day my dad would send me flowers or a huge bouquet of balloons to school with a card exclaiming his love for his one and only baby. It always made me feel so incredibly special! Now as an adult when I think about Valentine’s Day, I look back with warm sentiments in my heart because of my Papa.

Allen- stargazer.jpg

Allen Forrest, Roving Maintenance

My wife and I both work for StuartCo, and we actually started dating on Valentine’s Day—we were invited to the same party, left together, and have been together ever since. Her favorite flower is a stargazer lily, so for Valentine’s Day I get her a flower for every year we’ve been together. Last year was our 20th anniversary, so she got 20 stargazer lilies AND 20 roses! I always sneak into her office the night before, so they’re waiting there for her in the morning.


Brooke Gullikson, Interactive Marketing Strategist, StuartCo

My dog Louie came into my life two years ago, and it hasn’t been the same since! He is my little shadow, always wanting to be right next to me. My dad likes to say—“put you at the finish line, and Louie will win the race, every time.” He has certainly won my heart, and my life is so full of love with him as my constant companion.


Melanie Massman, Assistant Property Manager, Parkside Apartments at Medicine Lake

 My Valentine is my fiancé Brady.  We connected instantly!  I guess it was a good sign when our first date lasted eight hours! We are able to completely be ourselves around one another and he makes me very happy.  I feel very lucky to have him in my life and feel very loved. I can’t wait until our wedding in October! (Photo by Tessa June Photography)

Sandy Garbrecht

Sandy Garbrecht, Human Resource Specialist, StuartCo

My family means everything to me!  I love spending time with them as often as I am able. This photo represents many of those who I call ‘family”. I love each and every one of them!

Are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day with someone who makes your heart melt? Tell us your story in the comments and #ShareTheLove!

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