Celebrating and Spreading Kindness

Kindness is a way of life at StuartCo and at our properties.

During National Random Acts of Kindness Day last week, we had a number of properties celebrate with their fantastic residents.


In order to get their residents’ days off to a great start, the staff at Genesee handed out breakfast in to-go bags as they left for work and school. A couple of younger residents were especially happy with their morning breakfast surprise!


The Plaza’s Random Acts of Kindness

The Plaza created and posted their own list of ways to spread kindness, including:

Let someone go ahead of you in line

Buy extra school supplies for a teacher

Bake a dessert for a neighbor of yours

Say thank you when you see service members

Send a postcard to a friend

Smile at everyone. It’s contagious!

 These small things make a huge difference, and are possible to do every single day of the year.

 Lamplighter Village

The staff at our wonderful property in St. Paul asked their residents to share stories of kindness, either bestowed upon by or given to them. One resident shared this:

“When we first moved in and were getting used to our laundry card, we realized we were out of money on it in the middle of laundry. The office was closed. We called our new neighbors to see if they knew how to add money over the phone. They tried to help us figure it out and when we weren’t able to, offered to let us use their card to dry laundry.”

Lamplighter Village isn’t just a building, it’s a whole community of people who step up to help out, and they inspire all of us along the way!

Want some more ideas on how to spread kindness throughout the year? Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration—and let us know how you plan to pay it forward in the comments below!

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