Happy National Puppy Day to Our Canine Residents!

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz

Mr. Schulz’s Snoopy greets residents every day at The Wellington!

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Schulz—we love our fur residents just as much as their humans! In honor of National Puppy Day, we decided to “interview” a few of our canine residents to get their perspective on what it’s like to live at a StuartCo property.

Cinna and Piper.jpeg

Names: Cinna and Piper
Home: Riverview at Upper Landing
Love: Playing with all of their doggie friends (and people!) in this community.
Cinna and Piper’s Human (Lindsay) Says: “This location is perfect for active puppies!”


Name: Macy
Home: Genesee Apartments & Townhomes
Loves: All the other dogs there are to play with—and the treats she gets from the concierge
Macy’s Human (Ali) Says: “We love living at Genesee because of the great amenities and amazing staff!


Name: Reggie
Home: Rockwood Place Apartments
Loves: Greeting people as they come in the door, and taking walks with the other furry residents!


Name: Zena
Home: Lamplighter Village
Loves: Living at Lamplighter Village! Every morning, she wakes up her mom Nicola and they walk down to the office to visit Ronna for some quality manager time and a yummy treat. Zena and her mom love to walk around the property and meet all the different dogs that live in the neighborhood. Zena and her mom hope to live at Lamplighter Village for a long time!


Name: Wilson
Home: Genesee Apartments & Townhomes
Loves: Hanging out on the rooftop and getting treats from staff.
Wilson’s Human (Meg) Says: “I love living at Genesee because the amenities are excellent and there is a great sense of community with the residents and staff. The location is awesome too! Plenty of shopping and restaurants within walking distance and driving distance to almost everything you’d want to do near the Twin Cities.”

Stanley and Bauer

Names: Stanley and Bauer
Home: Riverview at Upper Landing
Love: Meeting all of their friends at the nearby dog park—and if they get a little dirty, they can rinse off at the dog wash station before relaxing in their beautiful apartment!


Name: Jaxon
Home: Carver Lake Townhomes
Loves: The small town feeling of our community, and the convenient location.


Name: Shilo
Home: Southwest Gables
Loves: Hanging out in the pooch park on sunny days, and participating in Southwest Gables’ doggy swim day.
Shilo’s Human (LaNette): “I love living in a small community that feels like family.”


Name: Mary Margaret
Home: Highland Ridge Apartments
Loves: Dressing up for every holiday!


Name: Bourbon
Home: Genesee Apartments & Townhomes
Loves: The great park just across the street, and the very friendly staff. He is especially fond of Joanne because she always makes sure he gets a treat.
Bourbon’s Humans (Brian & Bryce) Say: “We love the welcoming community, the amenities (the rooftop is one of our favorites), and the awesome staff. We have lived at many apartment complexes but none come close to the community that Genesee has built. People actually ATTEND the community events! Thank you for all you do to make Genesee more than an apartment; Genesee is home!”


Name: Louie
Home: Riverview at Upper Landing
Loves: All of his walks on the Mississippi right outside of his home.


Name: Thumper and Toby
Home: Hopkins Plaza
Loves: All of the different walking options right outside the door of their townhome.

Have these canine residents convinced you to start a new home search for you and your beloved pet? Take a look at the list of our dog-friendly properties, and come experience life with StuartCo!

North Metro

 West Metro


 St. Paul

 South Metro

 East Metro

Outside of the Twin Cities Metro


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